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Building 1

Past the courtyard you'll find building 1.

-"Frida" is on the first floor with an open concept indoor kitchen, large living room, and seperate bedroom.

-"Toucan's Treehouse" on the second floor is a huge versatile space. with front balcony and rounded terrace overlooking the pool.

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Building 2

Building 3

Past the pool, you'll find building 2.

-"Iguana", on the first floor, is traditionally set with King bed, but can be arranged as up to 3 individual beds.

-"Tortuga", on the second floor, is a king size bed with individual trundle and sofa.

Both are identical floor plans.

Past the laundry, you'll find building 3.

-"Rana" and "Mariposa".

These matching rooms are available as a 2-bedroom home. They share a kitchen area, but each has a private rear garden and private en suite bathroom.


first floor
Layout of The Secret Garden Tulum.jpg
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Second Floor Secret Garden Tulum.jpg
second floor


amazing veranda tulum
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large room tulum
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palm cenote pool
Treehouse pool view


Layout of The Secret Garden Tulum.jpg
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